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Tips for Woodwinds

Tips and videos for the bassoon, clarinet, flute, oboe, and saxophone.

Parallel Lines
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Who am I?

My name is Emily Gettig. I have been a Girl Scout for 13 years. I have also played the Bb Clarinet for 7 years. I have always loved music and I wanted to connect music with my Girl Scout Gold Award. So I decided to create this site for my Girl Scout Gold Award.

What is this site?

This site can be used by beginner or intermediate woodwind players. This site has many resources that can help someone start a new woodwind instrument or continue their studies and advance their technique.

What is the Girl Scout Gold Award?

The Girl Scout Gold Award is the highest award that a Girl Scout can earn.

Why was this site created?

Through research I realized how difficult it is to find reliable information on instruments. I wanted to create one centralized site where people can find good and reliable resources.

Piano Keyboard

Thank You!

There have been many people who have helped with this project. These people helped provide the contents of this website. All videos on this website were filmed by students who have played their instruments for many years. Many of the book recommendations have come from private lessons teachers. ​

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